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We have created this site to introduce our friends to some of the very best healthcare services available. In today's world, there are not many FREE products or services that have real value but our prescription drug discount card is one of them. Our card is sponsored by The Community Assistance Program and it has saved Americans over 100 million dollars at their pharmacies. All of the other products we represent have been thoroughly researched and tested as well. These products are not free but their vendors provide excellent value and the highest level of integrity, reliability and service. When you click through to their sites, you can expect a money back guarantee that you can count on.

Finally! A Solution to the High Cost of Prescription Drugs
Absolutely Free Prescription Discount Card

The Problem:
Millions of Americans have to pay top dollar for their medication because they have no prescription insurance or they are not part of a large organization that has negotiated discount pricing for them. The people that can afford it the least are charged the most.
Those Affected:
The 48 million Americans who have no health insurance
The millions who have restricted RX plans
The millions who have high deductible plans
The Solution:
A free prescription drug card provided by The Community Assistance Program
(CAP) is an outreach program of National Benefit Builders Inc. It was set up in response to the many requests NBBI gets for assistance to the needy. NBBI is a for-profit company, established in 1994, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. NBBI provides discount health, dental, vision and prescription products to the general public. It has become well-known that NBBI offers free discount RX cards.  CAP distributes the discount cards to as many needy people as possible. Cap represenatives distribute free cards, answer questions about how to use them, help people compare drug prices if they don't have internet access, and help people find the pharmacies with the best prices on the RX they need.
CAP also chooses several large organizations per year that it assists in fundraising using the RX cards. CAP never charges for any of these outreach services.

No Personal Information Required

SHOW ME MORE Print Your Community Assistance Program - USA Prescription Drug Card (Don't forget to print a card for your pet)               

    Contact Us - We will mail you permanent plastic wallet cards for you and your family.

Three Free CAP Programs That Save Money

Free Prescription Drug Discount Card
"Our card has saved Americans over $100 Million".

Save up to 85% on prescription drugs at over 80% of the pharmacies in the United States and Puerto Rico. Savings average 15% on brand names and 55% on generics.These prescription drug discount cards can be used over and over by all family members and friends; everyone qualifies and there is no application required. Although our card primarily assists those without prescription insurance, the well insured can benefit as well. All prescription drugs that are approved by the FDA are covered even those not covered by insurance plans. Smoking cessation medications and diabetes supplies are examples of medications that are not normally covered by insurance but can be obtained at greatly reduced rates by presenting the card to your pharmacist. Those who require medications with high deductibles can frequently save as well. And lets not forget the Medicare "donut hole." When you fall into the hole the card gets you out.
You can print your free discount card, price your medications and comparison shop pharmacies at:
http://www.usarx.org Your card is immediately activated. Just hand it to your pharmacist and save.

Free Prescription Drug Discount Card - For Pets and Farm Animals
"Save an average of "

Save up to 85% on prescription drugs at over 80% of the pharmacies in the United States and Puerto Rica. Savings average 15% on brand names and 55% on generics.This is a permanent prescription drug discount card. There is no expiration date. It can be used over and over. The card can be used for all the pets in your family, even livestock. If your home is like Noah's Ark this card is right up your gangplank. There are no income limitations. Anyone can use the card! Many medications for animals are just different doses of the same medicine prescribed for humans and those prescriptions can be filled at your local pharmacy. Just ask your vetenarian for a written prescription. Please be aware that not every pharmacy is equipped to provide every animal medicine. Check with the pharmacy to see if they can provide the medication you require for your animals. Once you show the card to your pharmacist, ask him to keep the information on file for you in case you misplace the card. Also, it can be used at more than one pharmacy. Chose the pharmacy close to you with the best price.You can print your card and compare prices of drugs and pharmacies in your area by visiting www.usarx.org

RX Med Assist Program
"Pay $20.00 or less on all approved medications"

Program Description

Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide exceptionally low cost prescription medicine to people who are uninsured or under-insured and meet maximum income guidelines. ("Under insured" can mean your specific prescription medication may not be covered under your drug plan).

Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the medicine and discount expensive drugs to a fraction of their normal cost. There is a one-time application fee of $25 which is refunded if you are not approved for the program. You will pay only $20 per medication per month on most medications, upon approval for the program. Please visit
http://www.usarx.org and click the button at the bottom of the home page to determine your eligibility and apply to the program.

The comprehensive services provided with this program include:
 *   Evaluate your eligibility. 
 *   Research the availability of the medications you need.
 *   Match your individual prescriptions to the appropriate programs.
 *   Advise you of your options and recommend the programs that meet your needs.

Once you have applied for the Prescription Assistance Programs your advocate will: 
 *    Access the forms and fulfill the application processing for each patient, thus becoming the
       communication link between the physician’s office and the Pharmaceutical Companies. 
 *    Order your refills as needed. 
 *    Inform you when it is time to renew your applications. 
 *    Answer your questions and make updates to .
 *    Stay current on trends and changes in available progyour informationrams and how they affect your situation

Yes! The Free Community Assistance Program Discount Card can save you hundreds even thousands of $$$ each year. Here is what just a few have to say.

"My ex-husband and I buy our prescriptions every month together..lol....He and I save $305.00 a month, woohoo! He takes heart and blood pressure medication, and so do I. I take 7 scripts a day He takes 5. Because of our savings we have (a true blessing) freed up money we can now use for other things,. My daughter, Christina, called me and said MOM, my antibiotic the doctor just prescribed me is $86.00 . What do I do? I said, The little red card Tina!!! She got her script for $17.66 at Rite-Aid. Had she gone to Walmart, the same script would have cost her $12.05 .....incredible!"
     Christal S, Hampton VA

"My newly employed son called me to ask about using the Free USA Drug Plan Card. He was in the pharmacy, and his one-time prescription was priced at $56.00, retail, no insurance. I text messaged to him the information from my card, and he gave this information to the pharmacist. His final price for the prescription was $16.00 ! That is a FORTY dollar savings on ONE prescription! My own personal prescription saving is on only one drug - generic Zocor / Simvastatin, only one I have. The retail price at my pharmacy with NO insurance is $25.62. With my Free USA Drug Plan card, I pay only $9.62 - that is a savings of over $115.00 a year on one drug!"
     Barb S, Ripley MS

"I got hooked on the discount card when my friend Kevin gave one to me and said I could save money on prescriptions with it. I stuck the card in my jeans back pocket. Exactly a week later I was rushed to the local clinic and received 8 prescriptions for medicines. I had forgotten about the card but luckily I wore the same jeans! I pulled out the card and gave it to the pharmacist. She put 8 bags of medicines on the counter and charged me $72. I asked her if I saved something by using this card. She said my bill would have been more than $210! I called the number on the card and ended up becoming a card Distributor right away."
     Mir M, Michigan City, IN

"I remembered you had told me about the prescription discount card, which is FREE!!! I was skeptical at first. But when my mother fell into the medicare donut hole I decided to check it out. One of Mom's prescriptions cost her over $400 out of pocket for a 30 day supply! I was frustrated because she had to go without some of her meds, so I checked your card's website and discovered that by using this card at a national chain pharmacy my mother only had to pay $52.73 for the SAME prescription medication!!!! I truly appreciate the benefits of this card! Thank you for sharing it with me, I am so grateful that my mother can now afford her medications. May God bless you and yours!"
     Loraine, OR
     In God We Trust

"A friend gave her one of your cards. She has a prescription she needs every day and took the card to her pharmacy. Her normal cost was $180.00 and with the card she paid $88. She was so happy she asked for cards for all her friends and family. The card she had was one of the USA red ones. I just explained we now have the Community Assistance Program and what she was being sent were different cards, but exactly the same benefits. Always glad to get good news from a client."
    Kristy A. TN

"I only paid $14 for a generic Cipro antibiotic which is $44.23 less than retail price, and $96 less than brand name."
     Debbie L, SC

"The prescription card works great! We saved money on 3 out of 4 prescriptions for our family, even with insurance. We had a $20 co-pay for prescriptions, but three of the four medicines needed were less than the co-pay by using the card."


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